The Team

T H E  T E A M  B E H I N D  T H E  N A M E



Mr.Tasneem Aslami

PR /Admn

Mr. Eduardo Viloria III Bs ID

Interior Designer


Mr.William Fruel Arch

Chief Architect



The company is run by Mr. Bashir A Siraj, who has a Master's degree in Construction Engineering from Leeds, UK as the Managing Director. Mr. Shuja Shafi Lanker is Director (Projects) Civil construction. Ms. Helen, who is an Architectural (Bsc Engineering), is the Head of our Design Division and a Senior Executive in the company. The chart shows the various positions in our organization.



Project & LocationConsultantMain contractorValue
B+G+5 Bldg on Plot No.319-268 at Oud Metha Dubai for Salem Mohd. Suhail Al Amri.Dubai ConsultantAl Shafer National Contracting2.56 Million
B+G+12 Building on Plot No. 241-197 at Al Nadha 2nd For Mr. Mohd. Ahmed Al Habbai.StyleAl Habbai Contracting4.0 Million
2B+G+6 Building on Plot No. 373 – 253 Al Barsha First, Dubai.(Chelsea Hotel)ChawlaGinco4.76 Million
 (G+1) 3 Villas on plot No. 363-324 at Al Manara Dubai.Dubai ConsultantRed Tower Contracting1.5 Million
2B+G+6 Building on Plot No.373-1123 Al Barsha First, Dubai (Holiday Inn Hotel)Design CenterDutco20.15 Million
 (G+1) Villa on plot No. 357-519 for Mr. Adnam Abdulfattah KazimDesign CenterOriental Dubai1.2 Million
 Prop: Building 2+Bast+Ground+3+Gym on Plot No. A-009-009 At Dubai Media City for M/s Galadari & Associates Advocates and Legal ConsultantsAl Maktab Al AsriCentral Contracting13.7 Million
G+1 Villa for Ms.Khadija Ayoub Gulf EngineeringAl Hazami Bldg.1.2 Million
G+3Comm/Staff Accommodation at Al Quoz 358- 607Design CenterAswan Construction3.0 Million
G+2 Labour Accommodation on Plot No. 598 - 742 at Dubai Investment ParkCiti ConsultBu Shaqer Cont7.8 Million
G+M Galadari Maxi Mix Offices and Warehoused Building on Plot No. 599-737 at Jebel Ali (Phase 1)Citi Consult Core Construction9.85 Million
B+G+6+Roof building Al Barsha Dubai ArencoBin Shafer Contracting8.8 Million