Office Interiors - Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We aim at devoting as much time and attention as necessary to fully understand clients' needs. We provide solution to type of space through efficient planning and space management. We benefit from the immense experience and knowhow acquired in the past decade through our continued hard work and sheer enthusiasm of our dedicated staff in the field of interiors.

Our association is also with some international Design houses from UK like Harrington's of Nottingham who have built a name in the field of Interior Design.

Furniture & Furnishings

Our complete fit out service can also include the supply and arrangement of quality furniture and furnishings, to match the design. We produce a full layout of the arrangements. Services of a vast number of furniture suppliers can also be incorporated in case the client has a preference for a particular brand. In this case we can liaise with the suppliers of such furniture and furnishings to produce a full turnkey scheme. This method is more desirable fom a clients point of view. Not only does it reduce the hassle, but it also ensures that the final product is wholesomeand does not have any conflicting elements within it.

We offer contract carpet service using British Burmatex range as their preferred dealers.

Customized carpets can also be supplied. Similarly, any design or brand of soft furnishings can be used to fit in with the overall design, supplied and fixed to client's requirements. We carry catalogues of all reputable brands which can be used to design layouts to suit the customer's needs.


For every interior projects that we complete, we offer one year free warranty on all materials, equipment and workmanship. After the first year, we offer different scales of maintenance for very reasonable fixed yearly premiums.

There are three scales of maintenance. Three star, Two star and One star services are offered. Three star undertakes to supply all materials and labour required to repair any equipment, including air conditioning systems, electrical and plumbing systems, for unlimited calls during a year. The two star service provides for supplying labour required, whereas the one star service only provides for diagnosis and estimate for the repair job. In an any case, we gurantee a 30 minute call out time for any job, in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. Upon diagnosis, the customer is fully explained the nature of the problem and offered alternatives.

We treat all services problems like a medical emergency. Details can be supplied on request.