Interior design and construction - Dubai & Abu Dhabi



Vivid Interiors LLC and Regency Interiors LLC is fully registered to carry out works of Interior Design and Construction, for all types of interiors, including offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial premises, home interiors for villas and apartments. We are fully equipped to construct all interiors including works of partitions, ceilings, electromechanical works, painting and decorating, floors, and all works of Lacquer and stain FOR specialist joinery works.


Our office in Dubai is located in AL Qouz No. 3 area, and is spread over an area of over 11000 square feet. The office houses our design halls, various work stations for our designers being networked together with internet connections, equipment and software, to produce designs for our projects. The huge space is also used for material storage, a showroom where we display items of fixtures and fittings, interior accessories etc, showrooms displaying the quality of our work etc. The office in Abu Dhabi is located in the city centre, in Musafa M 38 Industrial area. This office is also fully equipped with internet and networking facilities for our designers. All our works in Abu Dhabi are controlled from this office.


We own and run a joinery and carpentry workshop in Mussaffa, near Abu Dhabi. This workshop is fully equipped to produce all types of carpentry and joinery items, including reception desks, doors, architraves, railings, skirting, balustrades, screens and other such items, all customized to special requirements. The workshop is spread over an area of over 6000 Sq.ft.


We have 45 construction workers on our rolls and another 25 workers available as contract labor. Our company work force is highly trained to produce quality workmanship. Additionally, we have 8 supervisory staff, controlling the company's operations. Our workers are specially selected for their high skills and professionalism. All trades are included, including carpenters, masons, joiners, plumbers, electricians, glaziers, A/C technicians, and helpers. We also employ the services of high standard freelance designers as required.


We run a fleet of vehicles for transport of men and materials. These consist of Toyota Coaster and Hiace Buses, Nissan Pick Up Vans, Mazda load carrier truck, Toyota saloon cars etc. All vehicles are maintained regularly and renewed every so often. Besides, we have arrangements with contract vehicle suppliers to supply any type of vehicle as required. We have the required number of licensed drivers on our rolls. Besides, most of our supervisory and administrative staff is valid UAE license holders.


Our bankers are The Lloyds Emirates NBD, Dubai. We have a long term relationship with the bank, having never defaulted on any of our commitments. The bank has likewise provided a sterling service for all our transactions.


Over the years we have developed a special rapport and relationship with major suppliers of materials with whom we have negotiated the lowest rates of supply. We pass on these savings to our customers in our quotes. We have sourced and have access to all building materials, including specialist materials. Occasionally we have imported special materials from abroad to suit a particular specification.


Our slogan is "The Best Need Not Be Expensive". In pursuance of this motto, we Endeavour to advise our clients on the best designs and appropriate materials so as to produce a good and wholesome job which is aesthetically pleasing but not too expensive.


We deliver all kinds of paint works of high quality in full range. This includes paint systems conforming to international standards and client's specific requirements. Our specialization is in but not limited to:

Priming of walls

  • Wall preparation for new and existing wall
  • Specialized fillers-stucco applications for long lasting durability
  • Matt emulsions
  • Enamel paints
  • Textured - Fine finish for external and internal areas
  • Anti carbonation
  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial paints: for clinics and hospitals.
  • Epoxy coatings, sealers
  • Epoxy texture
  • Poly urethane top coats
  • Floor coatings for industrial warehouses, car parks and road signs paint


  • Thermo shield: coatings for exterior of warehouses.


We run our joinery and carpentry workshop in Mussaffa, Abu Dhabi. This workshop is fully equipped to produce all types of carpentry and joinery items custom built to client's requirements. We produce the following specialist joinery to order:

  • Reception counters & desks
  • Doors
  • Railings, architraves, skirting, special moldings and dado rails
  • Staircase balustrades
  • Specialist cabinetry
  • Exhibition stands
  • Gypsum, GRG and GRC castings

The workshop is spread over 6000 sq ft. Besides joinery it has facilities for glass and aluminum works, spray paint workshop and welding equipment. We fabricate small steel and aluminum frames in the workshop. We also have facilities for casting gypsum, GRG and GRC moldings.


All specialist joinery, services

  • Paneling
  • Customized doors
  • Railings
  • Balustrades
  • Counters
  • Desks, etc

All are built in our specialist joinery work shop in Mussaffa. All joinery items are Hand built and manufactured to highest standards. Sometimes Extra special items are sent to UK to be made by our associates.


W e aim at devoting as much time and attention as necessary to fully understand clients' needs. We provide solution to type of space through efficient planning and space management.

We benefit from the immense experience and knowhow acquired in the past decade through our continued hard work and sheer enthusiasm of our dedicated staff in the field of interiors. 

Our association is also with some international Design houses from UK like Harrington's of Nottingham who have built a name in the field of Interior Design.


' Our association is also with some international Design houses from UK like Harrington's of Nottingham who have built a name in the field of Interior Design.'